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A Mariner’s Guide to Whales in the Northwest Atlantic

This guide was developed for Northwest Atlantic boaters, ferry operators and shipping companies to provide information on the many cetacean species in the region and inform them of the areas where increased vigilance is desirable. This awareness-raising tool includes information on the issue of vessel collisions, fact sheets on the thirteen species of whales present in the area as well as distribution maps of marine mammal populations in the Northwest Atlantic.

Download english version

Seals of Atlantic Canada and the Northeastern United States

This 33-page full-colour guide is an excellent identification tool covering the six seal species found in Québec, the Maritime Provinces and the eastern seaboard of the United States. MMON is the main supplier of the French translation of the original English version of the guide, published by the International Marine Mammal Association Inc. (IMMA).

The guide is available for $5.95 for personal use. A 30% discount is offered for bulk purchases for resale (minimum of 10 units). Shipping and handling charges will be added for postal orders.

Laminated field guide to marine mammals /u>

This laminated 8 ½" X 14" field guide was prepared by MMON and is available only in French. On one side are illustrations of the 13 species of cetaceans that frequent the waters of the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence, with lists of the identifying characteristics of each species. On the other side are illustrations and identifying characteristics of the four species of seals found in the St. Lawrence.

The field guide is available for $1.50 per unit for resale (minimum of 10 units) and $2.95 for personal use.

Seals of the St. Lawrence poster (Bilingual)

Based on an illustration by renowned wildlife artist Ghislain Caron, this 20" X 28" poster is produced by MMON. It is available for $4.50 per unit for resale (minimum 10 units) and $8.50 for personal use. Shipping and handling charges will be added for postal orders.